Sweden’s Boot Renaissance

Claes Gören

When you think of boot design and manufacturing locations, Sweden would certainly not be one of the first places boot fans would think of. But the land of the midnight sun, as Sweden is known, is beginning to shed some light on innovative and iconic boot design and manufacture.

The Swedes are known for their open mindedness and free spirit, as well as their heartiness and innovative nature. These are some great qualities when you consider starting a company, particularly when that company is designing and manufacturing boots.

One Swedish Boot Company I have recently connected with is Claes Göran. I was first attracted to them via Instagram where I found their brand image and story intriguing. Their boots and images express an attitude of freedom, edginess, and some provocativeness. The boots looked just great worn in and paired up with sweats, shorts, and other unexpected combinations. The Claes Göran team are actors in their own visual brand play.

The processes of design, sourcing, manufacture, and distribution are done with the utmost of care from the traditional handcrafting that takes place in the mountains of Portugal to the usage of water, the process of dying.

Whereas so many businesses endeavor to grow exponentially, often depleting their foundational mission and brand spirit and product quality. Claes Gören is a small company, making minimum quantities, they have total insight in all aspects of production and having received my first pair of their boots I can see the quality as it’s built in.

First impressions. When I received my boots the first thing that struck me was the quality of the graphics and packaging. At first glance the boots are beautiful, the leather, stitching, design, and finish are all top notch.

From when I first put them on, I found my black Gustav model to be comfortable and I wore them an entire day that first day and they remained comfortable throughout. The soles are comfortable and grippy, the leather upper and insoles are top notch and are looking better and better with wear.

I look forward to a long relationship with Claes Gören and many years of wear of their fine boots.

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